What exactly is fleet service? It's the service we provide to both small and large comapnies with cars, gasoline trucks, and small diesel trucks. Nutmeg Auto understands the needs of companies today and offers scheduled maintenance to suit your company's requirements as well as quality repair work fast, so your vehicles stay on the road instead of idling in the shop. If you have a company and are tired of the hassles associated with arranging for the maintenance of your vehicles, it might be time to check out how Nutmeg Auto can make your life easier. Please Email or call us at 860-522-8724 for more information.

Look to us for these services:

  • Towing (local and out-of-state)
  • Emergency repairs to get you going
  • Complete brake service
  • Engine repair and overhaul
  • Transmission repair and clutches
  • Emissions diagnosis and repair by state-certified technician
  • Exhaust system repair
  • Electrical system diagnosis and repair
  • Wheels and tires
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Fuel injection service
  • Glass replacement
  • Box truck rental
  • Local pickup and delivery
  • We have many satisfied customers and will gladly provide references.